Mendip Cave Rescue were called by Wiltshire Police at 19:45 on Sunday 20th August 2017 for an incident at Monkton Farleigh stone mine. One member of a party exploring the mine had become separated from the rest of the group underground and had not returned to their vehicle with the others. After a quick search for their missing person, the remaining members of the party called for help. On receiving the initial call from the police, MCR contacted a number of local cavers who knew the stone mines well, who quickly organised a more thorough search of the mine, whilst MCR wardens were put on standby in case a more protracted search was required. Happily, the missing person was found after a few minutes, a little lost but safe and unharmed, and escorted to the entrance. The stand down message was then sent to the MCR wardens to bring the incident to a close at 20:49.